MTA Vehicle Inspections

MTA Vehicle InspectionsWe were spending tens of thousands of dollars per month on the internet, basically on AdWords, on internet advertising, playing with our website, trying to improve our position on Google Search, and basically getting no result. We were operating our business with the assistance of a multi-national company looking after our internet presence. It was getting us nowhere.

We were introduced to Trish Fehon from Online Influence. First thing we noticed right away was the personal service. Trish looked deeply into our business and into our website and actually asked us how much money we wanted to spend, which was pretty important.. We could not keep tipping money into the internet the way we were. In a very short space of time, Trish had come back with a plan that looked like it was going to work, so we thought, “Yep, let’s have a go at it.” We couldn’t be happier. It’s just been fantastic.

Physio4all North Sydney

Physio4allI was introduced to Trish Fehon and Online Influence about three years ago. At the time, I believe our website and our Google search engine optimisation was pretty average. Trish has helped us redesign our website and strategies with me on the best way forward with Google Ads & search engine optimisation.

Trish has always been really focused on helping us get the best value for the money. Prior, I believe that wasn’t happening, so overall it’s been a win-win. The practise is heading in the right direction. We’ve got the right strategies in place. Our website and our Google analytics is really, really important to us in our growth. Personally, Trish has been a strong advocate of this business and helped me through a couple of moments and times where I really felt we needed a push and so I highly recommend Trish Fehon & Online Influence.

Western Sydney Podiatry Penrith

Western Sydney PodiatryWe’ve been working with Trish Fehon from Online Influence for just over 12months. Trish has been really helpful. She designed our new website. She did it cost-effectively and she had some great ideas about what we actually should be putting in and what we shouldn’t be putting in which was really important for us because it is one of the first points of contacts our patients have with us.

She’s also been developing our AdWords campaign and it really has been an improvement on the provider we were using before. Previously, we weren’t being specific, we weren’t targeting and we just weren’t capturing the right audience. We have been looking at using Trish to do our future Facebook advertising as well and we’re really confident we’re going to get strong results there too.

We would definitely recommend Trish to our friends and family and anyone looking at venturing into AdWords or building a better online platform. It’s definitely the place you should start.

Murphys Group Services

Murphys Group ServicesWe have worked with Trish and the team from Online Influence as our Marketing Partners since 2011. They have always exceeded our expectations in providing up to the minute solutions to our online requirements. They totally understand our business, our market and our customers’ needs. I am constantly impressed by Trish’s up to the minute knowledge and strategies, which she generously shares with her clients. We regard our website as a showcase of our completed jobs, and an indication of our capabilities in our areas of expertise.

Mark Murphy

Women With Altitude

Women With AltitudeI love working with Online Influence. Trish and her team take the time to understand my business and our market. They do not bamboozle us with jargon and Trish is full of practical suggestions and advice to improve our online presence and marketing. I have been working with them for over a year now and Online Influence operates with the highest integrity, Their team produces great results and they are always on top of the latest trends and information regarding the latest SEO, SEM and all things trending online to help business.

Andrea Turner-Boyz