About Us

Online Influence

Online Influence is a Web development company & Web hosting company. Our focus is on helping you get leads and sales from your website. We believe that your website should give you a Return on Investment and not just be a static brochure that is “set and forget”. We are at the cutting edge of our industry and constantly keep up to date with the exciting changes and new innovations in the online world. One of our specialities is looking at a website and just “knowing” (almost instantly) why it’s not working and how to fix it.


Vincent-OlaerNeed someone to build your website? Look no further, We are here for you.

I’m Vince and I specialise in building and managing WordPress Websites. I’ve been working with Online Influence since its inception about a decade ago and have been a part to almost every project that you can see in our portfolio.

I build company websites, membership websites, and even e-commerce websites. Just tell me what you need and I will have it setup for you.

My main work covers managing project, website setup, edits, troubleshooting and other maintenance work that concerns website. 

Here at Online Influence, we pride ourselves on making sure our websites are beautiful, functional, mobile responsive, well optimised, easy to use and that it encourages visitors to take action. So if you are really serious in having a functional website,  contact me here.