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Google Chrome to flag all sites without SSL certificate

If you’re site doesn’t have an SSL certificate, now’s the time to get one and secure yourself up.SSL Certificate

From July 1 Google’s Chrome browser will brand all HTTP sites that do not have an SSL certificate as “not secure”.

This is great news for online consumers and a timely warning for business owners.

Safe as…well, safe as a lock and key

An SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, certificate keeps private information private and is indicated by the comforting padlock you see when you visit a website.

Secure website

There’s something so reassuring about a padlock. They’re so sturdy and strong.

A green padlock is even better. It’s your virtual “green light” to trust a business with your personal details, like credit card details, home address and more. A red padlock indicates a break in the site’s security or an unauthenticated site.

If an online customer is faced with two sites, one with a prominent “not secure” message in its URL bar and one with a padlock symbol, it’s obvious which one they will choose.

If you’re a business owner, combine Google’s crackdown with the fact that more than 48% of Australian computers use Chrome and it makes sense to get an SSL certificate for your site. Right now. Today.


When you connect to a website you open a line of communication between your browser and the server that hosts the site.

SSL certificates are like a guard that patrols the line of communication and stop any sneaks dipping in and stealing your personal details.

  • A good SSL encrypts, or scrambles, your personal information.
  • Importantly, an SSL also authenticates the identity of the certificate’s holder – it’s a bit like the Burns’ family circle of trust.
  • The SSL makes sure the circle of trust is complete before allowing the server to unscramble the information using a special “key”.

Remember, you can’t establish the business holy trinity of “know, like and trust” if you don’t have the trust.


There are lots of companies that issue rock-solid SSL certificates. They come in three main levels and range in price – the most basic can be free.

  • DV SSL: Domain Validation verifies that you own the domain and are perfect for personal sites, blogs and social media.
  • OV SSL: Organisation Validation provides instant identity confirmation and strong SSL protection for your website and your business.
  • EV SSL: Extended Validation offers the highest level of validation and trust and will show the name of the company or organisation in green in the address bar.

A Wildcard SSL Certificate is the best bet for businesses that host or manage multiple sites or pages on the same domain. A Wildcard SSL allows you to secure an unlimited number of subdomains on a single certificate. The one-time cost of the certificate covers you for any future additional subdomains.


Online Influence is a Google Partner. All our hosted sites will be ready ahead of the changes. If you’d like advice on what kind of SSL certificate is right for you, contact us today.

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