Post Project Commencement Edits

Any changes requested after your website design approval, will incur the following charges:

NB: This does not included edits at the design approval stage.

Design, colours & layout.

  • Changes to layout of header (section that houses the logo) $150 per change.
  • Colour changes $150 per change.
  • Font changes $150 per change.
  • Removal or moving around of design elements $150 per change.
  • All other changes will be quoted if required.

Content changes – Images & Text.

  • Changes to stock images – if to be chosen by us – $200 per 4 images
  • Changes to stock images – supplied by you – $100 per 4 images
  • N.B. all images must be either your own or purchased from a stock image provider.
  • Changes to page content (text) after commencement of project – $150 per 4 pages.
  • N.B. all content is to be grammar checked and spell checked by you.
  • Grammar and spelling changes after commencement of project – $50 per page for up to 6 minor edits (spelling and grammar only).