How to Turn Visitors to Your Website Into Customers

When somebody visits your website, you have just 3 seconds to GRAB their attention. If after those 3 seconds you haven’t spiked their interest, the visitor – your potential customer that you’ve worked so hard (or paid good money) to get to your site will simply click that dreaded little ‘back’ arrow and be lost forever!

Many business owners think that all they need to do is get a website up and the customers will flow through the door – well that may have been true 10 years ago but sadly these days you have to have a pretty slick website to convert a visitor into a lead. Website Design

But don’t worry. There are a few simple things that can be done to improve your existing website or include in a brand new website, which can improve your conversion rate ten-fold.

1. Use An Attention Grabbing Headline
So many businesses’ websites have a HUGE picture banner at the top of the page and then the words ‘Welcome to my website’ or something else un-inspired. Do not do this. The top of your website is prime real estate, don’t waste that space with pointless pretty pictures or useless words.

2. Make It look great
Your website must look professional – don’t get your neighbors’ son to design your website just to save a few bucks, first impressions count so your website needs to be designed by a professional. Good colour combination, clear menu bar and any clickable buttons need to be carefully thought out. It doesn’t have to include any special effects or fancy graphics but it needs to look clean and professional.

3. Develop Confidence
Most visitors to your website will want to ‘check you out’ before they use your services, so make it easy for them. Put some testimonials on your site and give them some background information about yourself, help them see your personality and they may just decide to use you over your competitors.

4. Make It User Friendly
Don’t use graphics and images that take a long time to load. People will give up and leave your website. Also put the most important information right there on the main page – don’t hassle your potential customers by making them click around to find anything.

5. Make It Persuasive
Now this can be tricky for some people but be sure to give your visitor a reason to go to the next step. They need a reason to call you or email you (instead of your competitor) – so give them an incentive. We can help you to come up with something great.

6. Make It About THEM
Do not make the mistake so many do by talking about ‘this is how good I am’. Instead you should be thinking along the lines of ‘This is how much we can help you’. For example, ‘We have won many awards in our industry’ – this does not really make a visitor want to use you. That may surprise you but unless you translate this for the reader it doesn’t mean anything to them. You should instead say something like ‘You can rest assured that you are in good hands as we have won abc award for excellence’ – Translate it to what it means for them and you will see a dramatic increase in response.

Some other things which are a bit more technical to help increase results from your website.

– Make Sure Your Website Is Search Engine Friendly
This means that search engines like Google, can see, find and read your website. By using well-researched, targeted keywords, this will ensure you can rank highly on Google and get a good amount of visitors (potential new customers).

– Make Sure Your Website is Accessible to ALL Devices
Many websites contain code that actually blocks search engines and smart phones. With the rise of smart phones and alternatives to computers many of these websites are losing hundreds of visitors as some of their main elements may not work on other devices. So this is VERY important.

– Make Sure You Capture Your Visitors Contact Information
Many people will come to your website and leave without taking further action, in fact the majority will do that. Your website may get hundreds of visitors each day or week or month but you may only get a handful of phone calls or emails. What happens to the other 178 people that didn’t contact you? They are LOST forever and you have no ability to follow them up or continue your sales process. HOWEVER – if you use some simple technology you can actual get their contact information and email them a newsletter or call a few of them later and get dozens if not hundreds of sales that you would otherwise had lost!

With the implementation of these strategies plus a few more, sales from your website can increase ten-fold or more! Just contact us to get started today!