3 Awesome Features of Google Advertising

Google Advertising has some very awesome features that most advertisers are completely unaware of. If you already have a Google Advertising campaign running and are not taking advantage of these,you could be losing valuable leads and sales to your competition. The world of online advertising has changed, but sadly many ad agencies just aren’t aware of the numerous changes in Google Adwords (400 just in the last year).

1. Google forwarding phone number

Google Advertising | Online Influence

Google Advertising Partner | Online Influence

Did you know that Google Advertising offers a free forwarding phone number that displays on your website? This makes attributing the calls from Google advertising so much more efficient and effective. How does it work?


  • Whenever someone visits your website from your ad, they will see the Google phone number and they are “cookied”
  • Every time they come back to your website they are shown that Google phone number again.

The reason this is so great is when they do call you (using this Google phone number) it gets counted as a conversion – and is attributed to the ad. We know that not everyone takes action immediately after visiting your website and we know they will often come back several times before they take action, previously there was no way of knowing if they had found you via your Google ad or not. Now we do and it’s a real game changer.

2. Google Advertising Re-marketing

This has been around for a while, you most probably have been re-marketed to but didn’t know it.

  • Targeted banner ads can be shown to people who have previously visited your website
  • You can choose to show different ads to them based on the pages they visited on your website
  • These ads will “follow them around” the internet for pre-determined amount of time

It’s an extremely effective and cheap way to advertise to a very targeted group of potential customers. Another real game changer. 

3. Product Listing ads

Sometimes called Google shopping, Product listing ads are for advertisers with a shopping cart on their website.

Product Listing Ads | Online Influence

Product Listing Ads

  • These ads show when someone searches for products on Google search
  • Google extracts the information in your shopping cart and displays it at the top of the search results
  • The ads are targeted to people who have the intention of buying – this is determined by the words they use in their search

Not many advertisers are taking advantage of this here in Australia (yet) so it’s not very competitive (yet) and is very cheap (for now).

Don’t miss the boat

The opportunities are huge. Is your business missing out on increased leads and sales? Find out more about Google Adwords here.