For big results, think small

When it comes to running successful Google AdWords campaigns, smaller agencies have a lot to offer. You don’t have to think big to get big results!

Google Adwords. Big vs Small

Online Influence. Google Adwords Partner

Google Ads focus on keywords. This targeted and tailored form of advertising is a great way to promote your business and win more leads. What’s more, with a Google AdWords campaign you can set a budget and you only pay when people click on your ad.

There are some good large agencies in the Google Ads field, but smaller agencies can often give more bang for your buck.

How? Think about the little guy on the football team. He’s quick on his feet and slips through spaces others miss. He has to be nimble, mentally and physically, to survive! He can’t rely on brute force, so he’s got to be smart, fast and creative in the way he plays the game.

Here’s 10 good reasons to think small for big Google Ad returns.

1. Small agencies have to be highly-skilled and dynamic
Smaller Google Partner businesses have to be smart and creative. At Online Influence, we have to think outside the square, be flexible and problem solve as we go – no need to wait for a response from another department, we are the other department!

2. True partners
Three members of our small team have studied for, sat and passed the rigorous Google exams that earnt Online Influence it’s Google Partner Badge. These are the staff members who look after our Google AdWord clients. However, that’s not always the case. A business only needs one qualified person to earn a badge. At a big agency, your account won’t necessarily be handled by a qualified Google expert.

3. Google Ads don’t fit the system
Big agencies, like all big businesses, have clearly delineated roles and systems in place. To get the best results from Google AdWords, you need a campaign that’s tailored to your business, not someone else’s, and you need a flexible expert on your side. At Online Influence we “customise not systemise”.

4. We won’t lock you in
At Online influence, we rely on great results to keep our clients happy. Because of their large overheads, most big agencies lock you into expensive contracts you just can’t get out of, even if the ads aren’t working.

5. Know what you’re paying for
Big agencies will often bundle your ad spend and management fee together, which means it can be hard to tell how much was actually spent on Google ads. At Online Influence our accounting is clear and transparent.

6. Reporting you can trust
Our reports are extracted from your Google account, not generated from a reporting system that leaves out critical data. They are true and accurate and give you the real picture, not just a bunch of facts and figures that make us look good.

7. Own your history
When you choose Online Influence, you choose the rights to your history. Big agencies often don’t give their clients access to their Google ad account. This means that if you leave, you lose all your valuable history.

8. Know, like, trust
With a small agency, the person who signs you up looks after you from start to finish. In larger agencies, your campaign is, more often than not, assigned to a junior (often unqualified) staff member you’ll never meet.

9. A double shot soy latte, right?
At Online Influence, we believe in personal service. We work hard to get to know you and your business. We don’t want the overview, we want the nitty gritty. This gives us a better understanding of what you need and the market you’re trying to target.

10. We’re a small business just like you
When you choose a smaller agency, like Online Influence, you’re choosing someone who understands your struggles and needs.