AI and the art of machine learning

It might sound like something from a science fiction novel, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a futuristic idea.

AI and its manifestations, machine learning and deep learning, already play a large role in our daily lives and in directing how and where we spend our money.

  • Google uses AI to give you the search results you’re after.
  • Machine learning helps Siri translate your speech and helps sort your emails. Machine Learning AI
  • It’s machine learning that makes the ads relating to pages you’ve visited pop up in your Facebook timeline.
  • AI adds the “smart” to your TV.
  • Machine learning is built into most cars and deep learning will control the driverless cars of the future.
  • Deep learning is what helps computers beat chess grandmasters at their own game.

What is AI and how does it work?

The theory of AI has been around since the 1950s. True machine learning surfaced in the 1980s and the related art of deep learning has really taken off in the last five years.

As its name suggests, artificial intelligence is about creating a machine that can make decisions and solve problems.

In the past, we programmed computers by giving rigid rules (algorithms) telling them step-by-step what to do or what to look for.

Machine learning combines more fluid algorithms with masses of data. This process allows the computer to “learn” or, more correctly, recognise patterns, predict outcomes and make informed decisions – “I think that email belongs in your junk folder” for example. What’s more, the program gets better with use.

Deep learning is the next step. It enhances and complements machine learning and is inspired by biology. Inside our brains are multi-layered neural networks. These layers work together to help us learn and make informed decisions. Deep learning uses artificial neural networks – lots and lots of them that are fed masses of information. This process helps the computer to “see”, to make the kinds of decisions we make and, for example, pick up cancer indicators in blood a human might miss.

What does AI mean in marketing terms?

There’s a whole lot of data flying round out there, the kind of data machine learning and deep learning systems thrive on. And there are many good reasons Google, Facebook and Microsoft are investing heavily in their own AI research and development.

Here’s one. By analysing just 10 of your likes on Facebook, an AI enhanced algorithm can evaluate your character better than a work colleague. After analysing 70 likes, the system picks up more subtleties than your friends, by 150 likes it’s more accurate than your parents and by 300 can give a clearer picture than your partner.

So, it’s easy to see how these smart algorithms, that get better with use, can pinpoint your buying and search habits, your hobbies and dislikes, even your colour preferences.

  • Online searches are the number one way to connect with future customers, and AI exponentially improves the chances of the right connections being made.
  • Google algorithms rely heavily on machine learning and Google AdWords also reap the rewards of the clear picture that emerges when AI is applied.
  • AI is making market research faster and more efficient.
  • Machine learning is a great way to predict and jump on trends.
  • Big companies are using the information supplied by AI systems to constantly tweak their web content and ad campaigns.

Can AI enhance your business?

If you’ve got a website and are working with an SEO expert you’re already reaping the rewards of ongoing developments in AI as Google and other search engines continue to integrate more and more AI features into their systems.

You could also consider running a Google AdWord campaign as machine learning is what drives this highly targeted form of advertising. You can read more about why Google Adword gives you more bang for your buck here. The team at Online Influence has the knowledge and experience to run successful AdWord campaigns – which is why we’re a Google AdWord Partner.

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